What we do

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Moshi Christian Children's Centre is a response to a range of needs arising among children and young people in northern Tanzania. Working in close association under license from the Social Services department within the country, MCCC offers a place of refuge, safety, care, holistic provision and Christian love to those committed to their care.

The children's centre is staffed by a management team and a group of experienced mamas who attend to the daily needs of the children. The centre ensures the children's needs are met in areas like food and nutrition, clothing, schooling, emotional and spiritual support. Staff have qualifications in social work as well as long experience in childcare and offer wise counsel and advice to the children as needed. 

The children's centre cares for each child 'one at a time' taking into account their own personality, background, behaviour, needs and aspirations. In educational terms we offer our children access to all education levels as long as they feel able to cope and progress so many go on to college and university situations.

The centre is openly committed to Christian faith - children from all and any faith backgound are welcome and will be cared for within the centre without discrimination. Children have morning & evening devotions each day led by the staff. They are also encouraged to attend church on Sundays. 

The children are fully integrated in the national education system attending primary schools local to the centre. They are often allocated to secondary education in other regions of Tanzania but still come back to the centre during holidays. For most of our children, the centre really does become 'home' and they are keen to be back and report how things have gone while away at boarding school.  Later, as they move to tertiary education, that situation does not change much; usually back at the centre over their holiday periods our older young people are often helping look after younger children and supporting the staff.