What we do

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Moshi Christian Children's Centre exists to support children and young people in northern Tanzania. Working under license from the Tanzanian Social Services department, MCCC offers refuge, safety, care, holistic provision and Christian love to those committed to their care. Our experienced staff provide food and nutrition, clothing, schooling, emotional and spiritual support - for each child 'one at a time' - taking into account their own personality, background, behaviour, needs and aspirations.

We offer our children access to all education levels, and are fully integrated in the national education system. They are often allocated to secondary education in other regions of Tanzania, and many progress to college and University. For most of our children though, the centre really does become 'home' and they still come back to the centre during holidays.

Children from any background or faith are welcome and will be cared for within the centre without discrimination. However the centre itself is openly committed to Christian faith. Children have morning & evening devotions each day led by the staff and are also encouraged to attend church on Sundays.