Richard's studies at Tilsley College continue...

Update on Richard at March 2018

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New Kitchen Mccc 4

Kitchen renovations

High concrete deep sinks were a back-breaking obstacle to the simple job of getting the dishes done until now...

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Chairman Daniel Moves On

Daniel Swai has been a long term friend and confidant for the ministry at MCCC over many years - in fact, he came to know the McKinnons way back in 1996.  Daniel's role as Chair of the MCCC board in Tanzania has been for the past seven years.  In that...

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Wens Lucy Student Lscape

Sabbatical for Wens

After many years of service, Wens Temba, our MCCC manager, is going to take a well-earned sabbatical. Wens has really done a great job in keeping the ministry at MCCC ticking over since the McKinnons left back in December 2009. He has been faithful and steady in managing the work...

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GLO Team in Tanzania

Once again this year - for the 15th year in a row (!) - Allison was able to lead a GLO team to Tanzania for two weeks of fun and laughter, Bible stories and games, friendship and mutual learning.  There were ten people on the team all drawn from different...

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