MCCC 6 monthly report - June 30th 2020

Cdc Coronavirus


"Making Children Count for Christ"

June 30, 2020

Half year report from Richard Moshi– MCCC Tanzania

Children’s Progress

The centre is running well and all children are back from home after a three-month leave as a result of Corona Virus. We thank God that all children are physically well.

Because of Coronavirus the Social Welfare Department encouraged all Childrens homes to reduce the spread of the virus by sending back to the village all children who have relatives. This led to a 40% decrease of the number of children at our centre

MCCC Staff

During the 3 months of disruption due to Coronavirus 5 staff members were given temporary leave. This included our Gardener, Cook, Matron, Housekeeper and Kindergarten teacher.

All staff came back to the centre on 26th June after the government announced the opening of schools.

Education for MCCC Children

All schools and colleges were closed in March due to Coronavirus.

On June 1st the colleges opened followed by the schools on 29th June.

While all the schools were closed, the centre introduced a teaching program for children who remained at the centre, 3 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Christine Reid helped in teaching primary children Maths, Reading and English as well as some baking which most of the children enjoyed!

New MCCC Kindergarten (Little Counters Kindergarten)

The Kindergarten was officially opened on 6th January 2020.

In March the Kindergarten had to be closed in accordance with government guidelines. It was re-opened on 29th June.

The Kindergarten currently has 9 children with 6 more expected shortly.

The Kindergarten teacher is called Glory. Christine is currently training her.

We are still hoping to attract more children through media, inviting people to visit the Kindergarten and distributing brochures. We are expecting to have a class of 25 children before the end of this year.

Other Effects of the Coronavirus pandemic

  • The Sunday school which we ran every Sunday evening for community and centre children to come together and share the gospel is currently closed.

  • Expenses for running the centre have increased eg. water bills and food. We had been visiting children twice monthly to deliver food which was costly.

  • Instead of going to church on Sunday we have had services at the centre where all children and staff gather and worship together.

  • New rules such as social distancing, regular hand washing, wearing masks in public and no hand shaking are hard for our culture.