Meet Hadija Amani Amosi


My name is Hadija Amani Amosi, I was born in 2001 grew up as an only child in my family, both of my parents passed away when I was 2 years old, from this moment I was taken by my step mother who agreed to raise me after losing all of my parents, after a short period of time things changed as the step mother started abusing me physically this affected me both physically and mentally, because of this I never really knew what it meant to be a kid as I was only seeing a negative side of life. This lasted for almost 2 years until when neighbours reported this to social welfare offices.

My stepmother was taken to custody after all this, but she manages to escape and until now no one knows where she is, on 2005 I was admitted to Moshi Christian Children’s Centre where all the wounds that my stepmother gave me was gone and I retained back a better health. I cannot lie the life at mccc made me so happy and relieved as I started a new life with care and protection also seeing other kids growing up with me it gave me hope and courage.

Through MCCC my life was completely changed as I felt loved something which I missed before, also it built a good foundation of my life as they led me to know Jesus Christ something which I will never regret in addition to that they gave me access to quality education from early education to college where I am now.

MCCC has invested a lot in my education, this encouraged me to excel in all of my subjects as well as my hobbies I decided to take up. When it was time for college, I chose to go to Veta Hotel and Tourism Training Institute to take Culinary arts because I have a lifelong passion for food, I want to be able to create delicious dishes every day. I see myself as international chef working in big hotels and restaurants.