Richard's Report: Snow, Polar bears, Quad bikes and Theology

Anne Dev Polar Bear

I am very excited to be here in Scotland and meet friends who I haven’t seen for a long time, some of them more than 20 years! It is good also to meet new people and make friendships with them. I am blessed with the hospitality and friendship shown to me by all people who I have met in these three months which I have been here so far.

I have had a good time in Tilsley College to learn new things which help me to understand more about God and strengthen my Christian faith. Until now I have found some answers to questions which have been troubling my head for a long time but as I keep on learning more new questions arise! I found this is a good challenge to me because it makes me work hard to find the answers. What pleases me the most is to get chance to practice what I have learned in college; through placements we get opportunity to be involved through teams or individuals in churches, social institutions or in any other institutions we get chance to preach, prepare and lead Sunday service, share our testimonies, helping in children and youth groups and helping homeless people by preparing and serving soup to them. This helps me improve my confidence and gain experience of working with different people in different environments.

Apart from college I have also enjoyed visiting different places in the UK. In the third week after arriving at college I went to London for seven days as part of the college program. We had a good time there with some students from college, we visited five churches and I preached in one of the churches while in other churches I shared my testimony and Bible message with youth. We had a busy week in London because we wanted to visit as many places as we can for few days. We visited some few beautiful places in London, in British Museum we saw different things which are found in Old Testament, to understand well the history of the Bible we visited British Library and see the old writings both Bible and Quran. It was bad to me because my knee could not go further due to pain so I failed to visit other places in London as I desired.

It is great to have two weeks away from college for Easter holiday and preparation for the long placement at Teen Ranch before going back to college for the last term. I spent few days of my holiday in the Northern part of Scotland (Aviemore) with my friends, we visited Scotland National park and we saw the baby Polar bear with her mother and other animals like Snow Leopard, Tiger, Red Panda etc. I enjoyed most Quad biking, it was an amazing experience to ride on a muddy road, crossing rivers, riding along hills all these to see only Highland cows. In general, I had a marvellous and memorable Easter holiday. Inspire of the unpleasant weather of Scotland I have been able to explore some of the beauty of Scotland.

I am delighted to be here in Scotland and share with different people about Moshi Christian Children Centre and getting new ideas on how to improve our children ministry in Moshi. Everything is going well so far except for my knee which has been bothering me for a year now but Baba and Mama Mdogo (Alan and Jacqui) have been working hard for that to make sure that I have treatment before I go back to Moshi so I am looking forward to having operation in few days to come if things will go as planned, I am also looking forward to learning more about Management and Organisation of youth and children camps at Teen Ranch in the coming weeks. I hope to learn and enjoy more in these few remaining months. Thanks to everyone who supports my training and treatments in one way or another through prayers or financial support.