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Richard Moshi has been identified by the MCCC management as someone suitable for training investment as they look to the future of the centre’s ministry. Richard is already a qualified teacher and is keen to extend his training in the areas of theology and leadership studies.  He recently joined Berea Bible College, Pasua, Moshi as a residential student. He hopes to be there until December 2017 when, in a learning contract agreed between himself and Berea, Tilsley College, Motherwell, and MCCC he will seek approval to go to Scotland for cross-cultural studies, experience and leadership training. 

Clearly, there are some considerable expenses involved. If you would like to help by making a contribution to these expenses then please do so here.

We expect expenses like:

  • Passport & UK Visa application - £150
  • TZ-UK-TZ airfare - £800
  • Fees at colleges - £1500
  • Sundry costs - £250

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